Rough Day – But God is greater than the highs and lows.


Have you ever sat down, closed your eyes and listened to the sound of a cello? I am not sure what it is about the sound it portrays but, it is the only instrument that truly draws me in and I can feel it my soul. This morning as I was going to work, a song came on and at the beginning cellos start, and the sound is so smooth and it moved me so much it brought me to tears. It has been a rough day already, so it probably wouldn’t have taken much for the tears to fall anyway. Do you ever have those days where you just want to cry? Most of the time there really is not a reason. As I sat in my car and listened to the song, I never even heard the words, all I could hear was the music. The only word I can use to describe it was melancholy. So much sadness, sorrow, woe, desolation, dejection, gloom, depression. It was what I was feeling at that very moment. Maybe because I was feeling those same emotions, that is just what I heard in the music. I am sure the sound of cellos doesn’t cause people to crawl up into a ball and cry despondently at an instant, but for today it made me more sad.

I wish that sadness was not so much apart of me. It is really hard for me, because I feel that my place in the world has shifted. My oldest son and daughter don’t need me anymore. That is something I am having to deal with. The house is more empty. Even though our littlest is still with us, things just aren’t the same anymore. When my daughter is home, we still don’t get to see her because she is working. We can’t seem to get us all together to even eat one dinner a week. I know that is life, and things change. Things have to change, but I am not real great with change.

I would much rather laugh than cry to be honest. Have you ever laughed so hard you were not sure if you were laughing or crying? I have been told I have a distinct laugh. Actually it has been described as a cackle and they wonder if I am about to lay an egg. I can’t help it, it is my laugh. I enjoy laughing. I am pretty sure people in the next state can hear me when I laugh. I just have a loud giggle.

I remember back when my sister and I were kids and we were sitting in our kitchen with our mother and grandparents. My grandpa belched so loud and so long that he literally lost his breath. We always told him that he had enough gas to fuel a jet. We all thought we were going to die. We were laughing so hard we could not breathe and the tears were flowing. We would calm down and we would take a look at each other and the explosion of laughter would start all over again. Gosh, that seems like a million years ago. We had a lot of good times together. We had so many outbursts of laughter. Actually, we still do. You can’t take us anywhere.

So much time has passed since that moment. Now I have children of my own and we have had several laughing hysterical moments. Now days, the house is more quiet and I am learning to adjust to that. I just need someone to go do things with. I mean, me and my littlest guy go out together, but sometimes I want an adult to go grocery shopping with me or an adult to go to a movie with that is NOT a cartoon. Someone I can talk with and just be together. I know my husband is busy and I get that. He especially hates shopping or going out at all for that matter. That is okay, that is him. I just gotta get my big girl panties on and just deal with it.

I also need to learn to listen to the sound of a cello and not think of sadness but think of peace and comfort. It is all how we perceive things. Anything can look sad or sound sad if we want to distinguish it that way. Going back to what my therapist said, “Only you can choose to look at the situation with a positive attitude or a negative attitude.” This morning I was sad and a little broken-hearted. I chose to feel despondent.

People ask why I blog. I blog because this is how I work things out in my head. I write it down and figure it out in words. I am much better at the written word than the spoken word. If I put it in the written word where I can actually see it, then I feel that I am dealing with it better. I guess you may ask why I do it so publicly? I am not the only one in the world that has problems. I am pretty sure I am not the only one in the world who deals with anger and sadness. I know for darn sure I am not the only one who has ever gone through therapy for it. By writing this, someone out there in never-never land feels that they are also not alone and it is okay to feel those emotions. If my words can let someone know that I struggle to be happy and sane, but I go on with my life and do my best to make the most of every day, then that makes my musings worth it. Will I ever know? Maybe not, and I am okay with that. I will still continue to be an open book for the whole world to see. Some day I pray that I can say I am emotionally healed and EVERYDAY will be a GREAT day. Until then, I will have my Highs and Lows. I just have to remember that God is much greater than those highs and lows.




An Angry World – let’s find a cure

ANGRYWe live in an angry world. I really don’t get caught up in all the news drama anymore, because is just makes me angry. I don’t like to feel the heat of that passionate anger that makes my blood boil. I went through 4 months of therapy to NOT be an angry person, but it’s still apart of me. I just have to learn that I can’t feed it. It is like a ravenous lion and you are holding a nice juicy steak over his head. He is drooling and can’t control his appetite any longer and roars out with hunger. Well that may be a bit of an exaggeration, but it is the same. If I see something that angers me, I can’t get my mind off it, then it can fester in my soul and then anxiety starts creeping in, then that old mind-set is back. And before I know it I say something I should not have said. I have to take a step back, and breathe in and breathe out. I have to begin to relax because if I don’t who knows what will come out of my mouth.

I think that is what is wrong with our world. We are so consumed with our own lives and we don’t take a break. Everyone is on edge all of the time. We get angry at the littlest thing and the slightest thing offends. I know that the days of everyone getting along is virtually over. I almost believe we are at a point of no return. The “ANGER MONSTER” has buried his claws into the earth and is causing havoc everywhere.

There are a few things that we can do as an individual to get rid of Anger and Hate. There is cure for this contagion that seems to be so spreading every so quickly.

  1. Don’t get caught up in all the drama
  2. Don’t get offended at EVERYTHING
  3. Don’t allow your self to get riled up
  4. Allow other people to have their OWN OPINIONS AND THOUGHTS
  5. Allow other people to have their own voice and rights
  6. Think about what you say before you ACTUALLY SAY IT.
  8. Believe that not EVERYBODY HATES YOU
  9. Show love toward others and they will show love toward you
  11. Learn how to craft and make something, keep your mind busy. It will help you relax
  12. Meditate – and just concentrate on being a better person.
  14. Make an effort everyday to get up with a positive attitude

I will be the first to admit that at times, being happy is a challenge. It is also hard to keep our mouths shut. But the old saying goes, “If you have nothing nice to say, Say nothing at all”. Help the world from being taken over by anger and hatred. I pray that we are not a complete loss cause. There has to be a few people out there that has not been infected. Let’s work together to find a Cure for all this Anger and Hatred. Let’s change the world, one infected at a time.


For the Love Of Potatoes – a Mom who hates dieting


Why is exercising so difficult? Why is it so impossible to stay away from the most wonderful, completely satisfying, buttery mashed potatoes? Tell me, what is the reason that I can’t resist the smell of warm, fresh-baked, bread, and when you eat it, practically melts in your mouth? How can I possibly keep myself from the most exquisite Brownie and Cookie Dough Master Blast ice cream from Sonic? I mean I am 40 and I have had 3 kids, I deserve these foods. Those delicacies keep this momma sane. I can’t imagine what kind of person I would be if carbohydrates were never again to enter my body.

I try to lose weight. I really do. I count calories. I attempt to exercise. Okay, attempt might be a bit stretching, but I do get up in the morning with every intention to work out. I really need to lose like 40 pounds. I don’t think I am extremely over weight, but I think I would feel better if I lost a bit. I think if I did, I would have a lot more clothes in my closet I could actually wear. BUT WHO WANTS TO GET UP AT 4:30 TO EXERCISE…… BECAUSE I DON’T! That is all the time I really have. I mean, I guess if I really was dedicated I could find time after work to exercise, but I really don’t want to do it then either.

I wish it was just as easy to lose weight as it was to gain weight. Unfortunately, I love potatoes. I can eat potatoes any way you can think of. Mashed, baked, chunked and soaked with butter. I love french fries, seasoned fries, tater tots, potato cakes, chips of any kind…..etc etc. How can I go on with life with out potatoes. I CAN’T!

I love bread. I am in complete bliss when I bite into soft, warm sour dough bread. It is complete heaven. I love sub sandwiches from Sub Way. They are absolutely fantastic. I love hot rolls, bread sticks, hamburger buns, garlic bread, french bread, cinnamon rolls, hot dog buns, or any sandwich for that matter. How do people go with out bread? Are they under some sort of spell? Did they have their taste buds and sense of smell removed?

I also adore pasta. Oh Em GEE!!!! PASTA! I am pretty sure our family would die of starvation if we didn’t have pasta. Spaghetti, Lasagna, ziti, mac and cheese, Chili Mac, Macaroni salad, pasta salad, Hamburger Helper, Chicken and Noodles, etc, etc. I could go on, but I am getting hungry just naming off pasta dishes.

I wish I could say I am this hot, fitness mom that works out daily and has zero body fat. A mom that cooks up healthy meals for the family on a daily basis. But, I am not that mom. I am not morbidly obese and I guess if I was, my thinking would be different. I really do need to lose weight, I just really need to find my motivation and find a diet that does not make me some angry monster because I CAN’T HAVE CARBS! Whew, just thinking about that makes me “hangry”. I guess this is on my mind because is seems that everyone around me is on this “Whole 30” or “Keto” diet. I am just telling you this would NOT make me a nice person, and I just went through 4 months of therapy to BE a nice person. So if you guys have any suggestions for me, then throw them at me. But I am telling ya, if your suggestion is to go without carbs or live without bread, don’t even bother, that just isn’t happening. I also have no desire to take supplements or some crazy, get skinny in 30 days potion.

I know, I know, I know, the best way to lose weight is EAT LESS AND MOVE MORE. To bad there is not a better way. Maybe I’ll just bite the bullet and do it …….. hmmmmmmm, maybe tomorrow.


Here Is To All Those Days That Have a Special “Feel”


There are certain days in our lives that have a definite “feeling” to it. Whether it is a negative feeling or a positive feeling. Monday definitely has a feel to it and is not always very positive, and so does Friday which we all love to see come. Every Monday I struggle to get around and when I finally get to work, I just am overwhelmed and exhausted. By the time Friday gets here I am so excited and ready to get my weekend started. There are other days that have a “feel” to it as well.

Your 40th birthday has a real feel to it, that is for sure. I was expecting to have a negative and mundane feel to it, but in actuality it was a pretty amazing day. I didn’t mind turning 40 at all. There are other days in my life that I get excited about. The day our children came into the world, our anniversary (which I feel a sense of accomplishment every year we have celebrated another year together), all holidays; the day we leave for a vacation. All these days have a special feeling to it, and the kind of day that you mark on the calendar and look every day with anticipation that another day is closer to that important event.

Today is a Tuesday, and does not normally feel any different from, let’s say, Wednesday, or Thursday. But today was my last session with my psychologist. I feel so accomplished and free. I told her today that I feel good and for the first time in a very long time, I am okay. I can look at the day and no matter what comes my way I can say “It will be alright”. For the last 4 months, I have gone every 2 or 3 weeks and tried to figure out why I was angry and ask her how to find my “happy”. She gave me tips and suggestions, but of course, I had to be the one ultimately to say I was going to make a change in my life. And I know that I have said this over and over, but I have to, if I don’t, then I will go back to my same old ways. I definitely don’t want that to happen.

Today, I feel that I have come a long way. I know it may not sound like a lot to some people, but you didn’t know me. I was a pretty miserable person and to be honest, didn’t know that I was. I was angry all the time and didn’t deal with my emotions, I especially didn’t want to discuss them with anyone. I was argumentative with anyone and everyone. I was on a rampage all the time and I don’t think anyone wanted to be around me. So today was added to all those special days that are set apart from all the other days of the year that I consider an ordinary day.

I am no where perfect, but I can officially say I am better than I was 4 months ago, and that was all that I wanted. So celebrate those special days that are more spectacular than all the rest. I think we all need those days in our lives, because if every day was boring and redundant, life would be not worth living. Mark those days on your calendar and then you can have something to look forward to. Be like that little child that counts down till Christmas morning. We all need something to live for, because we all have stressors in our life, and it is important to find something that causes all that stress to go away for at least one day every once in a while. If you don’t have a lot of special days in your life, then make a day special and plan something fantastic, and put it on your calendar. Create your own special days. It is important. So here is to those days that have a special feeling to them, and I am thankful they have put a little excitement in my life.

Be Ready “In Season” and “Out of Season”

be ready

From time to time, I do a little sewing. I use to be glued to my sewing machine, but then it became more of a chore instead of a hobby. So now, I hardly sit down and sew at all. One day. When I was sewing I needed to hand sew something and went to look for a needle. I grabbed one and began to thread the needle when I noticed the end was completely flat. Not a BIT sharp. I don’t think it even went through the process to be sharp. I glared at the needle and was wondering “what in the heck” “why is this thing NOT sharp”. As I gazed at the un-sharp needle intently, a still, small voice spoke to me. The voice said, “this is what happens to those who are not ready, who are not prepared in life, those who are not ready in season and out of season”

I understood what the Voice of the Lord was telling me. If we don’t prepare our selves and be ready in season and out of season, we become blunt. I don’t want to be a completely un-useable needle. I don’t want to be utterly worthless, but if we don’t sharpen our self and become prepared to have the answers that the world will have for us, what is the whole point in saying that you are a Christian. Aren’t we supposed to go out into the world and preach and witness to others? Aren’t we supposed to be that beacon that shines a light into the world?

I have been a Christian my whole life. I remember dedicating my life to the Lord at the young age of 4. I know you will say how in the world does a 4-year-old understand that kind of commitment. I am not saying I have not made a few mistakes along the way, but at the age of 4 I decided that my life was not going to be like everyone else. I loved the Lord and that is how I was going to live, and I did exactly that.

What does “in season” and “out of season” mean? Well the best way I can describe the meaning in my very generic terms, is this way. Think of it in the way of produce. The best tasting produce is always the ones that are grown “in season”. They are the juiciest and have the most flavor. I can just taste that juicy, red tomato that has grown and ripened in our very own garden. It is the best thing you can imagine They grow the largest and are most satisfying. This season is the best season. The season where everything is going great and wonderful. “Out of season” is the produce that is grown out of season. There colors are sort of blah and not much flavor. The produce does not thrive and therefore are small and sometimes are not very ripe. They not grown in not the best conditions, so they don’t thrive like they should. So this represents the bad times.

We need to be faithful whether we are in good and happy times or we are living in very bad times. Looking back at that needle, we need to be sharp no matter what we are going through. We need to be prepared to take on whatever comes our way at any moment. I needed that needle to be sharp at that very moment, but it was not prepared and therefore that needle was set aside, and unused. In fact, I tossed the needle away. Do you want God to throw you away or just set you aside because you are unprepared and not ready.

Is it easy to be ready “in season” and “out of season”? Of course not, it takes time in prayer, reading from your bible, and full dedication of your life. It takes time out of your already, incredibly busy life, but it will so worth it in the end. I want to be prepared in every situation, and even in the bad times. It is easy to be prepared, ready, sharp, and on top of the mountain when times are going great. We have to work a little bit harder when our needle dulls and walking in that dark valley. Make your heart ready both “in season” and “out season”. Be prepared for whatever the Lord calls you to do at that exact moment he expects you to do it. I know you will feel better about yourself and life will go so much better for you.



A Brand New Day

A Brand New  Day in the Ozark Mountains


Don’t you just love that moment right before the sun peaks over the horizon? The air is cool and everything is just so quiet and peaceful. The sky turns this brilliant red and orange. It is quite awe-inspiring. I also love the fact that it is a brand new day. All the other days are behind me and I can’t change what has occurred, but today is a new day, and anything is possible.

I know that we all have regrets, and we all have made mistakes, but one thing that is granted to us; a new beginning. When that sun comes up, we have another chance to make things right and be who we want to be. The day is fresh and so far, not a mistake has been made. For just a moment, we are perfect, and it feels pretty good. Of course, perfection does not last long. We do something that is not perfect, and that is okay, because we are human. It is hard to be perfect, virtually impossible in my book, but I do my best to be my best on a daily basis.

I feel that I have come a long way. I am so glad that I have made a decision to make a change in my life. I am glad that I have taken control of my mental health. I have not done it on my own, of course. I have had help from my therapist, but my husband has been a great supporter. I owe him a lot, whether he knows it or not.

Not very many people read my blog and I am totally okay with that. I am not here to get my 10 minutes of fame. I am here because if one person has read my blog and it has helped them, then that is enough for me. I love to journal, and I still keep a private journal with all my thoughts and problems, but I wanted to also keep an open journal of my journey to find myself and to find my happiness. If no body ever read my blog again, I would still continue to send my thoughts out into the void. It feels good to be open and not hold all those emotions inside. I don’t think it is good for you to keep things so bottled up until one day it just explodes. Usually when things explode it is a lot more devastating than we imagine, trust me, I know.

At the beginning of the year I started a Thanks-Living Jar. Everyday I try to think of one thing I am thankful for that day. Some days it has been hard to think of just one thing, but here lately I have not a problem and sometimes, have a couple of things to be thankful. I have learned that there is always something to be thankful for.

I challenge you to get up before the sun comes up and go outside and watch the sun rise. As it is rising, realize that everything is behind you and today is a Brand New Day, and today anything and everything is possible. God Bless!


Fall on the Farm – Are you Ready?


The warm feeling of summer has faded away, and Fall has slowly inched it’s way in. Fall is my favorite time of year, especially on the farm. All the hard work of putting up hay for the cattle is done and the garden is harvested. Now we can relax for a bit and enjoy the cool fall air. While we wait for winter to set in we can spend our time at fall festivals, corn mazes and carving pumpkins. It’s refreshing to have a break from the scorching sun. The temperature is perfect and I applaud inwardly as the leaves begin to change to their beautiful golds, blazing oranges, and fiery reds. It is truly a sight that anyone can enjoy.


Even though summer has come to an end and all the summer fall work done, there is always work to be done on the farm. Soon the grass will quit growing and the cattle will start bawling for hay. As farmers, we made a vow to take care of the animals we raise, and we do just that. Even those little chickens I love so dearly, need to be looked after as winter approaches.


Winter is a great time to decide to raise chicks. Chicks are hardy and will not start laying eggs for 18 to 26 weeks. By the time spring comes back around, your chickens will be ready to lay eggs for you. Some of the best cold hardy birds include: Ameraucanas, Ancona, Black Australorps, Black Giant, Blue Andalusian, Brahma, Buff Orpingtons, Cochins, Delaware, Dominique, Langshan, New Hampshire, Plymouth Rocks, Rhode Island Red, Russian Orloff, Speckled Sussex and Wyandottes. If you have adult chickens, then you will need to prepare those girls for a cold, harsh winter. Living in Missouri, you never know what kind of winter we will have, so it is best to prepare your coops for the worst of the worst, during the fall. Here are a few tips to make sure your chickens are prepared to brave the winter.

Winterize Your Coop

The first thing you will want to do is make sure your coop is draft-free. A cold draft can kill even the healthiest bird. Make sure you seal up any openings or holes, but don’t make the mistake of over insulating your coop to the point that limits air circulation. Even though you want to avoid cold drafts from passing through your coop, you will need to allow for enough air flow to provide your chickens with enough fresh air. Pay close attention to large spots big enough where predators can enter in, make sure those are all sealed up. If you have electricity ran to the chicken coop, heaters can be a great way to keep your chickens nice and toasty on those frigid days.

Clean Your Coop

It is important to keep your coop clean. In Missouri, we still have several dry, cool days in the fall, so you should find it easier to clean your coop while the temperature is much cooler. You will want to remove all the bedding and litter in your hen-house, and replace it with straw or wood shavings. Straw is usually easy to get but wood shavings also works just as well. Wood shavings also keeps the stench and bugs down, but the most important thing is to make sure your wood shavings are chicken friendly. Shredded paper can also be used for nesting boxes, but use newspaper and avoid colored or glossy paper. It would be beneficial to dust down the floor of your coop with food-grade diatomaceous earth to prevent mites from settling in for the winter. I would suggest wearing a dust mask when doing this. You will also need to scrub all waters and feeders and make sure they are clean.

Inspect Your Coop

Since your taking time out to prepare your coop for winter, it would be a great time to make a thorough inspection of your coop. Make sure the doors to the coops are solid and are able to close tight. Inspect all latches and be sure they lock correctly and are secure. Look for any weak spots in the floor or roof. Keep a look out for signs of leaking. If you have electricity running into your coop, inspect all wires and outlets for damage. You would not want a bad cord running to or from your coop. We have to keep those girls safe.


Chickens are remarkably adaptable creatures and can naturally acclimate to cold weather. In addition, chickens are equipped with one of nature’s best insulators – the feather. But if you raise chickens, you know the egg laying slows down in the winter and sometimes comes to a complete halt. The fact is the chicken’s egg laying habits are directly related to the numbers of hours of sunlight they get per day. A protein boost through fall and winter will help your chickens survive the ice and snow, feather themselves if they have a late molt, and if you are lucky may produce a random egg or two every now and then. You can expect approximately a ten percent increase or more in caloric intake. There are a few things you can do to help with this. You can switch to game bird/grower feed. Game bird/grower feed usually has 18-21% protein depending on brand. Kitchen scraps are great for chickens and can save on your garbage output. Any dairy, meats, vegetables, fish, or carbs you have, throw them in a bowl and take them out to the birds. Just avoid heavily salted or sugary foods. You can also feed a little extra corn, or provide greens, alfalfa wheat grass or lettuce. They will think you’re spoiling them with extra treats. Of course there is always free ranging your girls. They can scratch around and hunt for bugs and other things to eat.


Water is still a very important necessity for your chickens. During the cold winter months you will fight frozen waterers on a daily basis. To avoid frozen waterers, you might want to invest in a heated poultry waterer. It will ensure that your girls will always have water to drink and will save you time and energy from having to break ice daily.


Enjoy the time you have during the fall, because peaking around the corner is Old Man Winter. Spend time with your family and take them to all those fantastic fall festivals. Enjoy getting lost in a corn maze. Find a pumpkin patch and search the field for your perfect pumpkin to carve. Put out all your fall decorations and show off your beautiful colorful mums. Stay in the kitchen all day, and make every pumpkin dessert you can think of. Fall is my favorite – from being able to breathe in the cool, fresh, autumn air to seeing the leaves change colors before my eyes and enjoying all the fall activities. While you are taking in all the sights and activities with your family don’t forget your feathered friends. Winter will be here before you know it and we want to make sure our chicken family enjoys the fall and winter with as much comfort as we do, so have a Happy Fall Ya’ll.

clayclay and sav

A Pajama World

girly girl

Several times, I have been referred to as a girly girl or a princess. I really don’t mind, but I am guessing they call me that because I dress up a lot and I wear bows in my hair. I definitely never go out of the house without my make-up on and I like to dress cute and curl my hair. I don’t really think that makes me a girly girl, I mean I am a girl. Isn’t that what a girl does? Well I guess not everyone, and that is okay. I do wish that people in general cared a bit more about their appearance. I mean, you see people ALL the time wearing their fuzzy pajamas to town. WHAT? WHY? WHY WOULD THEY DO THAT? You will never see me in my pajamas in any fashion outside of my home.

It is sad that so many people choose to not comb their hair or even get dressed before leaving the house. What happened to our society that we don’t even care enough about our self that we walk around in public like a complete slob? I am not saying that you can’t be comfortable some times, and I do on occasion, but come on. If we go out should we NOT at least look presentable? Apparently that it not the consensus in our world today. We now live in a time where holey jeans, ripped and stained shirts, fuzzy pajamas pants and crazy hair that has probably never seen a comb. That is our society.

When you look back through time, people looked so neat and tidy. In the 50’s people took pride in what they wore. Girls wore cute skirts and their hair was always in place. Men wore dress slacks and nice pull over tops. If they wore jeans they still were clean and void of any holes, and always made sure their hair was combed nice.

50s's ladies picture.jpg

50s picture

My favorite time period is the 20’s and 30’s when women wore beautiful dresses and put on the white gloves. They looked so classy. I loved their hats and they had one to match every outfit. I believe I was born out of my time period.

20s picture
20s’s Ladies fashion
30s picture
30’s Ladies Casual Fashion
men in suits
30’s Men Fashion


Now, some women or men don’t even own a nice outfit. If you were peek into their closest it would be holey jeans and t-shirts. I think that is just sad. I believe we should dress up for special occasions, like weddings, funerals, graduations, and even church. I am a little old-fashioned I guess, because I have never allow my daughter or sons to wear shorts or flip-flops to church. My boys wear button up collared shirts or at the very least, a polo shirt and always pants. My daughter is expected to wear a skirt or dress to church. It was how I was raised and how we raise our children.

     I cringe when I see people wear something that you would wear to the lake to a wedding, graduation or even a funeral. I mean for crying out loud, what happened to wear suits and your very best to a funeral. I am completely shocked toward people at times. It is like they have no respect for the occasion or have no pride in their appearance. If you even go to a run way show, the even the NEW fashion is a complete joke. I just stare and wonder what in the HECK is wrong with these designers? Do they actually expect me to wear this garb?  Where on God’s green earth would I be caught dead in these rags?

stupid fashion 2
2017 Run Way Fashion—–what the heck is this?
stupid fashion
2017 Run Way Fashion – I seriously have no words!

I know that everyone does not have the same mind-set as me, and I am not really sure when all that changed. I am sure some of you won’t agree with me and that is okay. We all have our own opinions, and this is mine. I like to dress up and look nice, and I don’t think I should be the one criticized if I do. I would much rather be over-dressed instead of being that one that looks like they just rolled out of bed.

I was taking my son to school the other day, like I do every day of the week, and every morning I see mothers who don’t even bother to comb their hair and they are still in their pajamas. This one woman was the best yet. She had slippers on and fuzzy BATMAN pajamas. I just shook my head and thought this is what our world has come to. People who don’t care enough to wake up before their child, take a shower, and actually put real clothes on, AND THEN get their child ready to go to school.

pj mom
Really????!!!! Why?

I wish we could go back in time where looking presentable actually mattered. Where people dressed to the nines when they went to dinner. Where people wore their Sunday best not only go to church but also to go to the theater or a take a walk in the park or go to a dinner party or just because. I guess in the mean time I will only take care of myself and enjoy the bling and girly fashion I love so much. I will of course, secretly cringe when I see those dreaded pajamas waltzing through town, and think to myself, why? I can only laugh at the situation and come to conclusion that this is just the norm, and I am definitely NOT the norm, and to be honest I am totally okay with that. I will just continue to be a girly girl in a pajama world.

bows and bling