Your Forever Mate


The other day as I was walking to the lunch room at work, I noticed a whole gaggle of geese by the pond. I love geese and they are quite amazing creatures. As I walked past, the geese socialized with each other and doing their “goose” thing, taking a rest so they can finish their long southward journey.

At the age of three years, a goose chooses a mate. Being such a loyal bird, a goose is known to live with its mate for most of its life. Even after death of one, the other one would live several years, alone, without engaging with a new partner. And sometimes, they remain single for the rest of their life.

How many humans are as loyal and dedicated as a goose? Not many. I do wonder if they stress about things their spouse does or doesn’t do. I am curious if they get angry and hold grudges toward the other one. Do they overlook all the flaws and annoying habits? Do they have meaningful conversations with each other? What makes their relationship special? And how do they keep their love and devotion for each other for that long.

I know they are just birds. I am human, and it is hard to fathom such love and devotion at times in my own relationship. I am just so curious if their relationship is easy. Do they find each other attractive even after years of being together? Being in the wild they are so dependent on one another. They live together and bring new gosling into the world every year. Both parents take part in the upbringing. The male community of geese display caring and protective nature towards their female counterparts and will even stand between danger and her.

Geese provide a great example how a relationship should be. Love. Devotion. Protection. Cooperation. They rely on one another. If it was only that easy sometimes. Being in a relationship is hard work. It is not easy. I have been married for 21 years and at times, it has been a real struggle. Do you ever feel that it is not worth it? Do you ever feel that sometimes it would be easier to be alone? I do sometimes.

Then there are times, when you quit thinking so hard. Humans put so much thought in every little thing. I don’t think Geese worry about the things we worry about. Life becomes so stressful at times and instead of depending upon the other we push each other further apart. We are crazy. Why do we do that? Why do we make things so complicated? Why can’t we just be like the geese.

My husband has been by my side for the last 21 years, and could have left at any moment. Trust me, I have not been the easiest person to love. He could have left. There are times he wanted me to leave. It happened five years ago to be exact, but it all worked out in the end. I think every relationship has their moments where they just want to quit trying. I am glad we have stuck it out all these years. I love him, and I know he loves me to. Do we “like” each other at times? I think we all know the answer to that question.

All I know is that I can’t imagine my life without him. I hope he feels the same. I have visions of the two of us sitting on our front porch swing, watching the grandchildren play in the yard. I want to be that couple who celebrates their 50th, 60th, and if we live long enough our 70th anniversary. I don’t want to be with anyone else, and to be honest if something ever happened to him, I don’t think I would want to ever marry again. So maybe I am more like the geese than I think I am.

I hope you find your forever mate. I hope you find the person that you would stand in front of and protect, when in danger. I pray that when you find your person, you treat them with love, devotion, and forever kindness. Even though that may be something I will forever work on, he deserves nothing less.




A Whirlwind


The last two weeks have been quite the whirlwind, I have not had the time or mind-set to sit down and write. I am on week two, of my new job. I am having one of those “why did I quit a job I loved and knew what I was doing, to a job I have NO CLUE.” kinda moment. Mercy! I am 40 years old and starting a new job that is a bit out of my comfort zone. I know that if I put my mind to it, I can accomplish anything. Which is exactly why I have the words “I can do all things”, tattooed on my wrist.

Life can surprise us sometimes. Did I expect to be sitting here at a desk, working for a company I thought I never would be considered for? NOPE definitely not! I always try to push myself to experience things that I normally would never do. We won’t know what we can do if we never try. I believe that we need to put ourselves in situations that we can learn from, even though it makes us uncomfortable. We need to set our limits high.

I have always told my children that they can do anything that they want. All they have to do is make a plan and go along for the ride. Of course, life is not always easy, and sometimes very stressful.

Saturday, our daughter had a mini breakdown. Her college finals are next week and she had two 5-page essays to complete. She was having a hard time dealing with it all. I tried to talk to her and I don’t think I was saying the right things, because it was just making her more upset. I talked to my husband and asked him to talk to her.

He went and talked to her and after a while, when I felt it was safe, I joined them. Sitting on a little footstool in my daughter’s bedroom, I learned something about my husband that I guess I never knew, or never took time the time to find out. Both my husband and daughter suffer from anxiety. It is tough for them. Well if you have read my blog posts then you know that I suffer from anxiety as well but not on the same level that they do. I am just angrier with everything around me than they are. As he was telling her what he did to get through life, I realized I did the same things to get through the anger and stress.

I guess it never crossed my mind that he had the same techniques to calm down that I did. I had to go to therapy to get help and find what techniques worked for me, but I guess I could have just asked him. More than likely he had told me, but I didn’t listen.

Everyone goes through things in life they need to learn to deal with. Life is not always fun and games and sometimes we have to do things we don’t enjoy doing. Sometimes those tasks we have to do cause anger, anxiety, or stress. They have to get accomplished somehow, we just need to find what works.

By the end of the weekend our daughter got both essays done and survived. I hope what we both said something that helped her. Between us both, I think we diverted a major crisis in our daughter’s life. Being parents is not one of those “easy” hikes, where the trail is flat and mostly downhill. Even though it may not be easy, the journey it takes you on is very worth it all.

I don’t regret taking a new job, but until I know what I am doing it will most certainly be a little daunting, but I guess there are a lot of things that is just like that. So in a way, I am a lot like my daughter who is having a crisis over two 5-page essays. I just have to take one day at a time.

Leaves Falling Like Rain


This time of year the leaves fall down as if it is raining. My son and I were driving to church on Sunday, just the two of us. We were admiring the leaves just flowing down like confetti as we barreled through them in my large SUV. I love fall. I am not really sure what it is about fall that I love so much, but it puts me in a constant state of “awe”. I have said this so many times, and I am sure it is becoming redundant, but I love everything about this time of year.

I looked around at the trees and they were more bare than the day before. The leaves were turning a rusty-brown instead of a vibrant orange or yellow. It is nature’s way. Out with the old leaves and then a time of resting. Then when spring comes, a refreshing comes, with new life. As I was thinking this, the Lord spoke to me and said that is exactly how life is.

We all, at some point in our life, need to get rid of the old dead leaves in our life. We need a period of rest and reflection while we are bare and vulnerable. Then when that resting and reflection period is over and we are prepared, the new life of fresh leaves rejuvenate us.

That is how I have felt all year. It was time to let the old dead leaves in my life die and fall to the ground. All my anxiety, anger, and frustration with life come to an end. I am not sure when my resting and reflection time will end, but I believe I will be ready for that new life to begin. All year I have tried to heal whatever it was that was broken inside of me. I have searched and been on this journey to find myself and discover who I am supposed to be. I don’t think my search as ended. I am still not completely satisfied with who I am or where my life is, but I am almost there, I have faith.

So I will continue to journey through this life, and spend a little longer in this constant state of Fall. I will learn eventually what I am supposed to do, and where I am supposed to go. Until then, I well rest and reflect. I need the rest and definitely could use a time of reflection. I don’t want to be that same person I was a year ago, but I am still missing something in my life, and I just can’t put my finger on it.

I will find it, I know I will. I have faith.



New Job

You are looking a gal that has been offered an amazing opportunity to start a different and new career. Starting November 27th I will be starting my new journey. I am super excited but every time I think about it, I sort of get sick to my stomach. I am sure I will do great, but I am not a fond of first days. Wish me luck and wouldn’t mind a prayer or two.


Make Friends Like When You are 6 Years Old


friendsDo you ever observe children as they play on the playground? It is quite a sight.

We have a very active 6-year-old boy. He is the most social child I have ever known. He can make friends with anyone, young or old, in a matter of seconds. He is not afraid to talk to anyone. I don’t know if every child is like that, but my 6-year-old is a great example that we all should follow.

My son and I were shopping at Wal-Mart the other day, and this young boy waved at my son. I was in the dairy section trying to find a right shredded cheese and I looked back and smiled at the two of them. This little boy looked like he was a year younger than my son and he looked at my little guy and said “hi”, and he told him his name. They chatted for quite a while. It was like they knew each other in some other time or life and they were excited to catch up on months or years of lost time. These two boys have never met until that moment, but yet they spoke to each other as if they ALWAYS knew each other.

Children can make friends faster than any other age. Just put a few children on a playground and in a few minutes they are best friends. Why can’t adults be like this? I am just as bad. I don’t strike up a conversation with people around me and make friends. People might think I am crazy. I try to be friendly to everyone, but I can’t say I have a best friend though.

Friendship takes so much work. Most adults are too busy to do anything. Trying to balance work, church, family time, and chores around the house. There is just not a lot of time to do much of anything else. It would still be amazing if we had just a little bit of freedom within our self to make a friend within seconds of meeting someone for the very first time. How would the world be, if it was viewed as one big playground and we can connect with anyone we come in contact with? It will never happen, of course. When people grow up they put up a wall and don’t let others in. Someone may have hurt them, and they decide that if they don’t allow someone to get to know them, then they won’t get hurt again.

I am going to do my best and take after my very active, very social 6-year-old. Making new Friends was on my bucket list this year. And I don’t think I have made one “NEW” friend. It is time. It is time for all of us to show our self friendly with the world. I know life is a bit more complicated as an adult than a young child. Being an adult is not always fun, but we can make it more enjoyable. People need friends in their life. Without our co-workers or church family, life would be pretty miserable.

Get out there and make new friends. Go out to eat and plan fun events. You only have one life, make it as enjoyable and pleasant as you possibly can. God bless.



Do You Really Think You’re Better Than Me?


This Saturday, my son and I went to a few holiday open houses at the local businesses in our town. It was something to do. For the most part we had a great time. I went to one store in our local town and I was thoroughly disgusted. One of my biggest pet peeves in my life is when people look down on others, or think they are better than someone else. That is one thing that will tick me off faster than anything.

I am the kind of person that don’t care what you wear, what kind of purse you have, how much money you make, where you work, what your house looks like, or who you know. I CAN CARE LESS.  I will treat you the same no matter what. What I don’t understand is when people DO care about that sort of thing.

Now let me tell ya. Their poop stinks, just like mine. They don’t poop golden nuggets. They are no better than me, so they should not treat me as if they are.

The snobbery of people at that store was head high. I should have known, it is normally like that on regular basis. But, I thought……… open house……….possible sales…….. food table…………and just good, clean holiday fun for us to do. I should have not gone, because I just got mad. I shouldn’t have let them get to me. That was my fault. I just really hate getting snubbed by people who think they DO poop golden nuggets.

Don’t be that kind of person. Be kind to all, no matter their social status, or what kind of clothes they wear, or how much money they bring home. We all should be treated the same… with love, respect and gratitude.

I am not sure what happened to people. I don’t know why people think it is okay to treat people like that. I don’t guess I will ever know. But I will do my part to voice my opinion about it, and stand up for those who can’t, or won’t.

So I challenge you today, follow the Golden Rule. Do unto others as you would have them to unto you. If you don’t like to be treated as if you are less of a person, then don’t do it to someone else. Everyone…. and I mean everyone, should be treated with the utmost respect no matter their circumstances. They don’t need your haughty attitude, and they especially don’t need your pity. Be kind to all.  God bless.

Golden rule

Finding the Perfect Gift For Your Feathered Friends


It’s that time again. Christmas lights that brighten up the town square. The town buzzing with folks looking for that perfect gift for their loves ones. Christmas carols being sung by everyone you meet. Christmas wreathes hung with cheer on the front door. Making sugar cookies shaped as Santa, candy canes, snowmen, and snowflakes. Little children, counting down the days till that man in that red velvet suit fills his sleigh and travels the world delivering toys. Staying warm by the fire, sipping hot cocoa and spending time with family. It is the best time of the year.

Christmas is my favorite time of the year. I enjoy the jolly season, the shopping, family getting together, and of course all the food we get to devour. I enjoy making a list of all the gifts I get to buy for my loved ones.  I enjoy going out in the cold with my hot chocolate in hand, searching the world over for the perfect gift. I especially enjoy getting together with my family and watching my children and nieces and nephews eyes light up as they rip open their presents to see what’s inside. I enjoy the board games we play afterward and just spending quality time with one another.

We all know that gift-giving is not the most important reason why we celebrate Christmas. It is a time that we set aside to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. The one person who was born to die for us. We all still enjoy searching for those unique gifts for family and friends.

When making my list for my family I also include our pets. We hang a stocking next to ours and fill it will pet toys, bones, and yummy dog treats. Buying presents for cats and dogs, are common among many households. Some families that live on a farm might add a few other pets to their Christmas list. We can’t forget our feathered friends, our pet chicken.

There are many gifts that can be purchased for your loveable, feathered friend. Here are my Top 10 gifts and where you can find them.

CHICKEN HARNESS with leash: At you are able to purchase a chicken harness for your pet chicken and parade your darling hens wherever you go.


CHICKEN SWING: Chicken swings can bring hours of entertainment to your chicken brood. They will sit and swing to their heart’s content. You can purchase a chicken swing at


TREAT BALL: On Amazon or a variety of farm stores you can purchase a treat ball for your chickens. Inside, you place treats that will fall out as they peck at the ball. It is great for cracked corn, meal worms, crickets, or other tasty treats.


MIRROR: Just like us, chickens get bored. It’s great to provide them with a few things to keep them entertained. A mirror is a great way to occupy a little hen’s time. Chickens love to look at their self.


TREATS OF ANY KIND: Your sweet little chicken will love you dearly if you spoil them with treats every once in a while. You can purchase treats at any farm store or you can go to and purchase a package of Happy Hen Treats. Your chicken will go crazy over a package of Meal Worms Frenzy.


CHICKEN CLOTHING: If you are like me, then you want your little hen to be the most stylish girl in the coop. You can go with a full dress or a little apron for your chicken. Trust me, they will look adorable. Just head over to and find a variety of outfits to choose from.

HenMissPrissyDenim             attire_imgnav

CHICKEN DIAPER: Many people take their little hens for walks or an afternoon outing. You will need a diaper to ensure you will have a pleasant ride to wherever you spend the day. This will also be handy to have if you decide to let your little chickens spend time with you in the house.


CHICKEN TUTU: Yes, they do sell these beloved tutus for your chicken, believe it or not. A tutu is great for a photo shoot with your children, or let your chickens prance like a princess around the farm. They are absolutely gorgeous. You can find a tutu for your chicken on You can also make your own tutu.


CHICKEN LEG BAND CHARMS: Many people who raise chickens like to put leg bands on their hens and roosters. Why not put little charms on their legs to make them look a bit more stylish? These little leg charms are the cutest thing you will ever see. You can find a variety of charms, so each chicken can have their very own unique leg charm. You can find leg charms at


XYLOPHONE: This will amaze your friends, entertain all ages, and keep your chickens from getting bored. Chickens naturally peck at everything they see. So let them peck at a xylophone and create beautiful music in the process. A xylophone can be purchased at any store that sells children’s toys or you can purchase one online.


There are many items that can be purchased or made, to make your chickens a happy hen at Christmas. Don’t forget to add them to your Christmas list. Your chickens will love you for remembering them this year. Enjoy the holidays and make sure to spend time with your family. Cherish each moment you get with your family and friends. I wish you a Merry Christmas and happy New Year.








I have been asked to speak at a Women’s luncheon this Saturday at my church. I have been asked to speak on faith. I have been sort of blank and was not sure how I should go about talking about faith.

I began to think about the last 10 months. At the beginning of January, I was not in a great place. I was lost, I guess you can say. I took a leap of faith on January 1st, and decided to make my life an open book. I thought that if I could speak my mind about how I felt to the world, then maybe I could heal my broken spirit. I was to the point that I did not care what people thought about what I wrote, because it really didn’t matter. Let’s be honest, I am not the only one who has ever gone through what I am going through now. I have been a Christian my whole life and have been a faithful servant for the Lord. But, just because we are Christians, does not mean we don’t have struggles in life. I have had my fair share, let me tell ya. We are human and we go through things, just like everyone else in the world. We are not exempt from life’s problems.

I was angry, distant, frustrated, and just disappointed with life. I think we all have a vision of how are life should have turned out and when it is not “picture perfect”, we start to panic. I know with me, the situations around me, made me feel that I have failed in life. The first 40 years of my life have not been as enjoyable as they could have been. I think I went through the motions and didn’t treasure every moment. Each moment we have is a gift from God. We are blessed to take the next breath. We don’t appreciate the great opportunity that is bestowed upon us, to take each step on God’s green earth, but we don’t see it that way. We all take so much for granted in life.

I don’t regret getting married, or having children. I do regret how I reacted to situations in my life during all those years. I believe I could have been a better wife, and a better mother. I can’t change the past but I have faith I can change the future.


The life I was living was not at all enjoyable. But, I think it was all me. I viewed the world as if it was some monster out to get me, instead of a beautiful creature wanting to embrace me with tender loving arms. It is all about perception, and a whole lot of a faith. We have to believe that we are on this earth for a purpose and we should not waste our life on petty things. I guess that is why I decided to try my best to not worry over the little things. That is the hardest thing for me. It is hard for me to ignore socks on the floor, dishes in the sink, and laundry as tall as Mt. St. Helen’s. It stressed me out. I was angry at the littlest things.

I decided to begin to look at those annoyances as blessings. If there are socks on the floor then it means my kids are still home. If there are shoes thrown all over the floor, I know that my family is here to stay for a while. Dishes in the sink means I have food to eat and my family is there to enjoy it. I have laundry piled high as the ceiling, because we have clothes to wear and money to purchase those clothes. My house may be cluttered at times, but I have a house over my head for it to BE cluttered. I have tried to perceive those things through different eyes. Of course I have moments where I lose it, but don’t we all. I am not perfect, and I am not sure I even want to be perfect.

Faith has been a part of my life. Hebrews 11:1 says, “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” This says it all. We have faith in what we cannot see and we know deep in our heart, that it is there. I know deep down inside my being that I will be okay. I know that even though I may not be perfect, I have a purpose in life; I am here for a reason.

I feel I am a pretty open person, and I like to talk about how I feel. I realize not everyone is like that but, it has always been my desire to have someone hear what I have to say and truly care about what I care about. I know that sounds silly. I think I have watched way too many fairy tales. I have learned that life is not a fairy tale and we really only need faith to get us through each day. My desire has changed a bit. Now I still voice my feelings, of course it is a bit more open than before, but it is okay if no body hears what I have to say, I don’t need their approval anymore. I honestly don’t even need to know they care. If I am happy with myself first and foremost, then that will spill over into everything else around me. I have to like who I am and where I am at in this moment.

Faith…..I am not sure where I would be without the gift of Faith. On my wrist I have a tattoo of a scripture that means the world to me. It has been so much a part of my life in every aspect that I felt I needed it somewhere I can visualize daily. It is Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.” Every time I look down I know that I can DO ANYTHING and also ENDURE ANYTHING even though I can’t see into the future. I just have faith that it will all work out in the end.


The Bible says faith as small as a mustard seed can move mountains, and I don’t know anyone who could not stand to have a few mountains moved in their life. God Bless, and have a little faith.



A HAPPY HALLOWEEN – and a morning interview


Just wanted to wish you all a Happy and Safe Halloween. My Halloween started out a bit stressful. I had a job interview this morning, and whew, it was mighty extensive. It lasted two hours. I was mentally exhausted after that. Then of course I had to go back to work. The only thing that perked me up, was the thought that I get to wear my piggy ears to work today. I seriously wish it was socially acceptable at the age of 40 to wear ears every day.

I will find out Friday if I get this new job. I am nervous but excited all in the same boat. The new job would be quite a pay raise, but starting a new job is always quite scary. I am just praying for the Lord’s will. If it is meant, then I will get it and if I don’t, then I am meant to stay where I am or the Lord has something else for me. I am not going to fret over it. I have another job interview on Thursday. It is quite a crazy week.

The only thing I am focused on today is wearing these piggy ears with pride, and enjoy the day where people won’t think I am weird because I have them on. Well they may think I am weird, but to be honest I have not worried about that for a very long time. They can just think it and they can actually say it, does not bother me.

Happy Halloween people. Eat lots of chocolate.


A Little Fall Fun


I have said this before, but I will say it again.  I LOVE FALL. I love the weather. I love the colors of the trees. I Love the smell of the dampness of the air. I even love the hint of smoke from the neighbors fire-place. I also love the activities that go on all over the town.

This weekend we had a little fall fun. Our town has a chili cook-off every year with a little craft fair. So we stopped up there for a bit. It was absolutely freezing. We had our first hard frost and the wind-chill was treacherous. But, we braved the cold and I donned my cute warm, brown boots. I put on my scarf and wool pea-coat. I was plenty warm, and I do think I was sort of cute in the process.

We didn’t stay for the chili tasting; we had other places to be. Another town, even smaller town, had another festival. They have a car show, craft fair, and a Halloween costume contest with carnival games and haunted house. We dressed our little guy up and entered the contest. I never purchase their costumes at a store already made, I just make it myself.  You know, a little DIY. This year our little guy wanted to be a Ghostbuster. I put my thinking and creative cap on and went to work. He didn’t win, but we had a great time. Of course, I think his was the best, even though I made it myself.

Our little Ghostbuster


Our little guy decided that he wanted to go through the haunted house. Now, this boy has never been in a haunted house, and had no idea what to expect. To be honest, for a small and free haunted house, it was pretty amazing. Definitely had some screaming moments. It was a lot of fun, but our little guy……well he was ready to leave after that. We laughed at him and he said that was so scary.

Our oldest boy got to go with us……I was excited.

That evening we carved pumpkins. I love carving pumpkins, and lighting a candle inside and watch it glimmer. It just would not be Halloween if we didn’t carve a pumpkin. Our pumpkins were so large it took me 40 minutes to dig all the pumpkin seeds out, so I could cook some up. I think I am the only one that eats all the seeds, but I only get to do it once a year, so it is totally worth it.

the little guy’s pumpkin
The hubby’s pumpkin
And this is my pumpkin.


Every Sunday morning, I get up early and clean our church. When I got back home, I was driving up our very long driveway and I saw frost flowers. Frost flowers, of course, are not really flowers at all. According to Missouri Department of Conservation, frost flowers are ribbons of frozen sap that form at the bases of certain plants during the first hard freezes in fall. Layers of ice is squeezed from the stem of the plant and creates a formation of frost crystals that look like ice flowers. I love them and I think they are absolutely amazing. They covered our mountain side so I snapped a phot of a few. It is one of the many reasons I love living on a farm.

We had a great last October weekend. Tomorrow we will go all over trick-or-treating. Eating candy by the fist full, getting a tummy ache while we do it, and enjoying every minute of it.

So Happy Halloween ya’ll. Have fun getting dressed up and enjoying the last day of October. Make sure you eat your fair share of candy. Drink some hot chocolate. Eat a hotdog. But most importantly be safe and make sure your costume comes with a smile and lots of laughter.

My Sparkly Miss Piggy ears for Work