A Conservative’s View on “A Day Without a Woman”


I can’t speak for all the woman in the world, but I can sure give you my view on all these Women’s Protests that are happening.  It seems that EVERY TIME I turn around another protest or march is being organized.  Do these women EVEN know what they are protesting or marching for?  I really don’t think they do.

This is what they claim on the official “Women March” website,   “On International Women’s Day, March 8th, women and our allies will act together for equity, justice and the human rights of women and all gender-oppressed people, through a one-day demonstration of economic solidarity. ”

Are we oppressed?  Have they not looked around?  Have they not noticed that women are already treated at a higher standard? Look at all the women that have taken over the work force.  Look at all the women that have been hired in Executive positions and are superiors to their men employees.  I work for the Department of Corrections in Missouri.  Our Director resigned just recently and a woman took his place.   A WOMAN is now the Director of the State Of Missouri Department of Corrections.  Would she haven gotten that job if women were treated with injustice?  Why are we still fighting over women’s rights?  We have MORE rights than ANY OTHER woman in the world.  We have women in the most highest positions than ever before.  I mean, for heaven’s sake, we had a woman running for president.  Kellyanne Conway went down in history as the FIRST woman to ever manage a successful presidential campaign.  She also now holds the highest ranking position in the White House as the President’s Counselor.  Do you think for one second, that if women had it SO bad, that would have EVER taken place?  No!  Men would have NEVER let it happen.  That is the thing, WE DO HAVE RIGHTS! So why are all these women still upset?  I think they just like to cause a scene and make a lot of noise over nothing.


I am all for women having rights, but I don’t feel that women should have the attitude that we are the superior gender.  We are already equal to men.  These women who are protesting, want more rights, NOT equal rights.  They want to make a spectacle of their self and be the voice for every woman.  Well they are not my voice!  Women have been fighting for equal rights since the 1800s.  They did their job and in 1920 we were able to vote. I commend those women for taking a stand for us at that time.  I am sure that was a tremendous day for those women.  They were able to have their voice heard for the first time, instead of their husband making a decision for them.  Since then women have risen to the occasion and can do most anything they want. We don’t have the need to fight and march ANYMORE.  We are respected and honored.

I am most definitely not a liberal, as you can already tell.  I enjoy working and serving my family.  One of my past blogs quoted a Proverbs 31-A Virtuous Woman.  Even though I fail in many ways according to these scriptures, I have been given a role by God.  That role is to take care of my family.  Make sure they have what they need; cook, clean, provide for them in any way that is needed. Men also have their role.  Their role is to be head of household, and no matter what any woman says THAT IS THIER ROLE.  I like to think a Godly man places his wife beside him; not behind him, and we should not be in front of him.  A husband and wife should be a team.  At times, I have to say that is sometimes difficult for me.  I am pretty strong-willed and very stubborn.  I really don’t like being told what to do, but in order to live the way God intended us to live, I need to follow His word.  And going out and protesting that I am better than ANY man out there and that DEMANDING respect and equality, does not make men respect us or think of us any better.  You know how a person gains respect and justice, by giving it back, and by doing your hardest to achieve whatever your heart’s desire is.  Women can truly do anything they want.


I know all this is just my opinion, and everyone has the right to theirs.  The minority of women that our fighting for superior rights speaks so loud that the majority of women are not being heard.  Our conservative mind-set is to just sit back and let them throw their fit, but we need to speak out louder than them and make our voice heard.  THEY DO NOT SPEAK FOR ME!!!!!!!  I tell my daughter all the time, that she can do anything she wants, and she won’t have to protest to get it.  She will get far in life because she is the best person for the job.  Not because she is woman, but because she is just recognized as the individual that is better than the other candidates.  I have taught her to be a proud woman but also a humble woman, and a woman who respects both genders equally.  Too many woman now days demand to be put on a pedestal because they have ovaries.  Men will only put us on a pedestal because they adore us for our quality.  Women deserve to be treated as Queens and Princesses, but our character needs to be deemed queenly.  Does your husband and children deem you more precious than rubies?  I pray everyday that my family does.





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