COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS – Even the Little blessings are great Ones


Have you ever felt that nothing ever goes right?  Have you ever felt that you try SO hard but feel that the odds are against you?  I have been a Christian my whole life.  I dedicated my life to the Lord at the young age of 4.  Have I been perfect?  Of course not!  I have made mistakes just like everyone else, but I get up the next morning and start it like a new day.  Not once have I ever questioned my Christianity, and every Sunday I am at church.  I have taught Sunday School, sang in church, volunteered my time whenever I got the chance.  I am not bragging, and don’t get me wrong,  I am just saying that even though I have dedicated my entire life to God, I still get so frustrated with life in general.  There are times that I feel even though I am a child of God, I have more struggles than someone who has never darkened a church door.  The Lord never promised me life would be easy.  In fact, He states that life will be difficult for the believer, but that human part of me still wants blessings from God and for life to be easier than it has been for us.


I am pretty much an open book, and will tell you how I feel about most anything.  Last Sunday I went home discouraged, frustrated, and angry with God.   My husband and I have struggled financially our whole marriage.  We have always done our best in all that we could, and have been faithful to God.  We have dedicated our children to God and have raised them to respect and love the Lord.  Last Sunday, I got frustrated because everyone around us had gotten up during the church service and testified about the amazing blessings that have been bestowed upon them.  I sat there on that pew and thought and thought, and I couldn’t name one single thing that the Lord had blessed us over. Nothing stood out in my mind.  I mean I have been Christian for 35 years.  In my mind, the human part of me was thinking,  “I should have blessings flowing out left and right, why don’t we ever get those amazing blessings?” That entitlement attitude took a hold of my spirit and I was fed up with nothing ever going right.  Of course, I know deep down in my soul that He takes care of us and everything we have is because of Him, but one time, one single time, I would love to have something happen to us that stands out so much that I can say, “Wow, this is God.  I really needed this.”

I am not Perfect….. I am only Human!

Yes, I know that is a very selfish thought.  I am human.  I never said I was perfect.  I should be happy for those who are blessed beyond measure, and I AM happy for them but, there are just times, in my crazed human mind, that I wish for great things to happen in our life.  Something so great that I can stand up and say,  “Wow! God did this for us”.

Well last week it happened.  So many little, great things happened, I actually had to make a list.  It may not have made us rich, or had a major impact in our life, but all the little things that happened this week, were so great, that I knew it could only be from God.  This got me thinking, and I felt ashamed of myself for being in such a negative mind-set.  I asked the Lord to forgive me and I thanked him for the many blessings.


I am sure you are on the edge of your seat in suspense.  I promise I will not keep you waiting any longer.  The beginning of the week, the first blessing started out with a Facebook post.  A  lady posted that she had 4 hens and 1 guinea that she needed to get rid of. I commented on the post and asked her how much she wanted for them.  She commented back that they were free and of course I jumped at the opportunity.  I told her that I would take them.  I have been wanting chickens for a long while but at $12 to $14 each, I just didn’t have the extra money for them.  This was an incredible blessing to me.  I know for many people that would not be much of a blessing, but to me this was an  incredible gift.

The second blessing happened on Wednesday when I came home and saw the mail on the table.  There was an envelope from Cox Health, with my name on it.  I assumed it was another bill and I owed them more money.  I opened it, and instead of a bill it was a check for $97.70, for overpayment on my son’s medical bill.  I just stared at the check in amazement.  I was not sure if it was even real.  I realized right then that the Lord was showing me that he does bless us everyday.  He was showing me that He does care for us, and I just don’t notice.  Receiving the check in the mail was amazing. I heard Him loud and clear.


On Saturday, my daughter and I went Prom dress shopping.  My budget for her prom dress and shoes was very limited.  I didn’t want to spend over $100, but to be honest I really wanted to spend less than $50.00 on everything, but I knew that would be almost impossible.  We saw on Facebook, that there was a prom dress sale at a convention center in Joplin for used dresses, so we loaded up and headed to Joplin in hope for a bargain.  We looked around and she tried on several dresses.  She had picked out some dresses that were a little pricey and a few that were very reasonable.  Then she saw this cute, black, straight, dress with a little bling at the top.  This dress looked perfect on her and on the plus side, this dress was only $30.00.  I couldn’t believe that we found a dress so cheap.  That was God, and he knew that I could not afford very much, but this was a miracle.  We headed to the mall to find shoes.  I figured shoes would cost around $30.00, but of course I was hoping for less.  We went to every shoe store in the mall and we just really didn’t find anything she liked and if she did like it, I would need to mortgage our house just to pay for it.  We gave up for the day and on our way out we saw this store that we missed and saw that the shoes were on sale   Believe it or not, she found this cute pair of black high heels that were 60% off, and we only paid $13 for these shoes.  It was a spectacular shopping day, and we were super stoked about how much money we were able to save.  God was with us that day.


Sunday was the day full of blessings.  We decided to take a family trip to Mansfield, MO to the Bakers Creek Seed Festival.  We have never gone before and were excited to have a day to spend together.  My daughter has been looking for a job, and she was really disappointed about not getting the job that she applied for at Roaring River a few weeks back.  Well you will never guess who called her on the way up to Mansfield, Sunday afternoon.  Yep, you were right!  Roaring River!  They called and asked her if she was still looking for a job and wanted her to come in and work out a schedule.  She was so excited and relieved.  Another blessing.

The same day we were on our way up to Mansfield, my husband and I were talking about how we were going to afford to re-seed our bottom field.  We use that for hay for our cows, and the grass had become very poor and because of the poor quality of the grass, our cows really suffered this winter.  We really needed to seed it this month but just didn’t have the extra funds to pay for it.  About 30 minutes after that conversation, I sold a wooden desk that I have been trying to sell for about three or four months.  The amount that we would get from this desk would cover the cost of the seed.  They said they wanted it and asked if they could pick it up that day.  That same day I also sold my littlest son’s baseball cleats so I could buy him a bigger size.  On top of all the blessings that were given to us, we had a fantastic, relaxing day.  We really enjoyed the day together as a family.


At some point in all our lives, we can forget that blessings come in all different shapes and sizes.  The Lord may bless someone else differently than he blesses you.  The Lord loves each one of us all the same, and He knows exactly what each of us need and want.  I sort of lost sight of that and the Lord had to get my attention.  I am truly thankful for the Lord. I am not sure what I would do without the Lord on my side.  We should not become jealous of someone’s blessing because we might think God is blessing them more than us.  Maybe they really need what the Lord has given them.  We should be happy for them and rejoice in their fortune.  I hope that you are happy with the little blessings that make your life so great. So count each and every one of those blessings, because even the little blessings in life are the blessings that make our lives incredibly great.




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