I remember as a kid, going to an amusement park.  I loved all the fast roller coasters. I couldn’t wait till I got all the way to the tippy, tippy top; and then there is that slight pause…….and away we went.  Down and around. Up and down.  Through the cork screw, soaring through all the loopty loops, wind blowing in your face, hands raised, and you scream so loud you lose your voice.  You feel like you are going 1000 miles an hour.  The rush of adrenaline is exhilarating.  You don’t want it to stop.  Then when it does stop, you run as fast as you can and get back in line to do it all over again.  Oh to be a kid again, to enjoy those amazing experiences.  To be free, and not have a care in the world.

As an adult I don’t enjoy the fast roller coasters as much as I use to.  I am more of a “It’s a Small World”, slow boat ride, kind of gal.  Those fast roller coasters, that as a kid couldn’t wait to get on, are just not as fun.  In fact they make me sort of sick to my stomach, and I get all dizzy and light-headed.  So I sit back and I watch my kids enjoy them.  I watch them scream into the sky with hands raised, just like I did.  I watch their eyes gleam with excitement.  I hear the voices fill with laughter. I love to watch them laugh.


As an adult I ride a different kind of roller coaster.  At times it is the most frightening experience that you have ever gone through.  Other times it is so amazing, and you think it couldn’t get any better.  The name of this roller coaster is “LIFE”.  Yep, just life in general.  This roller coaster is not always fun, sometimes there are some really steep drops.  Sometimes you feel that you will never exit that never-ending corkscrew.  Then when you finally reach the top , you feel like you can see all the way across the world.  The scenery is so beautiful. You are so high and the ride is so smooth.

Life is supposed to be exciting with unexpected things that happen.  If we knew what was going to happen before it actually happened, there wouldn’t be surprises in life.  Of course, it would be nice if my roller coaster was a little slower,  a little less steep, and definitely fewer loopty loops at times.  I know I get tired of all the downs of life and wish I was a little more on top more often.  But, like they say, you can either scream every time  you hit a bump or you can just throw your hands up in the air and enjoy it.  I guess that is where I am at in life right now.  I am unable to change the outcome of anything that comes my way, but I can control how I react to it.  I can’t help if those unexpected things happen.  I can’t change how someone feels about me.  That person has already made their mind up about me.  I can’t make them like me or even love me.  No matter what I do or say will change his or her attitude about me.  All I can do is be the best I can at who I am supposed to be.

Life is supposed to be awesome.  I have had an awesome life.  I have done some great things.  For starters I have had three wonderful children.  They are the pride of my life.  I have seen some beautiful sights around the United States.  I met some fabulous people.  But my life is not even close to being over, and I plan on enjoying this roller coaster a whole lot more.  I have decided that if I don’t like this particular roller coaster, I may just hop on one that is a little more my style.  It is my life, and I can enjoy it any way I want.  So hop on that roller coaster of life and enjoy every minute you have. Throw your hands up in the air and scream at the top of your lungs.  Enjoy the breeze in your face.  Smile at that camera on the track, that doesn’t ever seem to catch your good side.  I know that is what I plan to do.  Will it always be easy?  Of course not, nothing is ever easy.  But no matter what lies ahead, I will do the best I can to take what get with a smile on my face.   God Bless!




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