Mama Bear


I don’t know how you all feel about your children, but from the moment I first laid eyes on the little face of each of my three children, something changed inside me.  This child grew inside….ME!!  It is a complete miracle to feel an actual human being move inside you.  Thinking….seeing……feeling…..moving……growing…….and heart beating.  It is an amazing blessing God gave us.  I can’t know how a father feels about their new-born child, but as a mother, the feeling is unexplainable.  For nine months, two individuals are inseparable.  They are one being, but two separate individuals.  So when that baby makes her appearance to the world, it is natural for the mother to feel the pain, disappointment, or hurt that their child may feel. That bond that tied them together for nine months, is never severed. It is like they are still a member of their own body.  Even into adult-hood.


I have three wonderful children.  Each one different from the other.  All three have their own unique personality.  All three pregnancies and deliveries were different.  But there is one commonalty all three share…..A “Mama bear” instinct.  This instinct was inserted into my being with each of my children; the instinct to protect.  I became the predator to everyone around me.  I could feel that growl of that “mama bear” deep inside my core, as I saw danger approaching.  I could see what would happen before that dreaded inevitable.  It is like all of sudden you can see into the future.  But instead of seeing all the great things that will happen, you are seeing the world through “mama bear” goggles and the world is an obstacle course of doom.  You are afraid to put them down, for fear they will fall and get hurt.  As they grow and go to school, you lose even more control.  Now, there are complete strangers watching your child. You have no idea what they believe, what they are teaching them, or how they treat your child when you are not watching. It is the most unnerving feeling a mother can behold.  But, we have to let go a little bit, and let them grow, let them be free.

My oldest son, had a difficult time in school.  We never officially had him diagnosed by a medical doctor, but he had all the distinct signs of ADD.  Some days it was just a challenge to focus on the subject at hand.  We did not have trouble the first couple years of school, because he had awesome teachers that worked with us.  We were one of those parents that refused to put an unnatural substance in our child’s body to the point that they are zombies.  We learned to deal with it and tried natural remedies.  When he made it to second grade, I was certain we would never make it to third grade.  Third grade was even more dreadful than second grade.  We survived each school day together.  It was most definitely a joint effort.  Of course, I was a major advocate for my child.  Especially when they mentioned that we needed to take him to a doctor to medicate him, which was often. That mama bear feeling would rise inside me with such vigor.  I made it very clear that was not going to happen, and together, we will find a solution that works for everyone.  But more importantly, one that benefits our son.  There were many heated conversations that I  never want to relive again.

We finally made it to middle school and flew through high school.  Let me tell you, as that boy walked across that stage, with tears in my eyes, I was doing a little happy dance deep down inside.  We made it!  I told him when he held his diploma in his hand that my name should also be written under his.  He laughed and winked, as he often does, and understood what I meant.  I felt like I went to school with him and together, we made it through.

Thankfully my daughter, which is our middle child, flew through school.  She is a senior this year, and I never had to spend a day worrying about her at school.  Of course, there is always something to worry about with kids, but that is a story for another day.  Girls are an entirely different entity, but love her with my whole heart.

Our littlest guy is 5 and is in kindergarten this year.  This boy has been bouncing off the walls since he came out of the womb.  That boy never stops until he finally crashes off to sleep.  He is either running or sleeping.  There is no in-between.  He loves school but has a first-year teacher.  We all know what first-year teachers want…….perfection.  Well that is not going to happen because, she has our son.  Our little guy suffers from acute hyperactivity, and just like our oldest son, we won’t be taking him to the doctor to get an official diagnosis.  Although, there is something that we are doing with our littlest son that I wish I knew about with our oldest son, and that is Essential Oils.

Since our little guy has had a bit of trouble in school, and they are complaining about him being a bit too energetic, I started doing research about natural remedies to ADHD.  Essential oils were one of the remedies that was suggested.  So I called my friend up, who sells Young Living Essential Oils, and she me gave a few suggestions.  By this point, I was willing to try anything to make it better for the teacher and make life a bit easier for our little guy.   We started putting Young Living Ceaderwood oil on his feet and his back.  I could definitely see a difference.  I decided to talk to the school and told them that we do not plan on medicating him but I had a different alternative.  They agreed to re-apply the oil in the nurses station in the afternoon.  Because of these essential oils, we are having better days at school.  I also found an essential oil blend from DoTerra that has vetiver and lavender in it, and it also seemed to help also.  We are now using both oils on his feet, neck and back.  Now, not every day is perfect, but it has been more manageable.  We are still ironing out some kinks, but this mama bear is making sure her baby bear is taken care in every aspect.


When you have children, you are their only advocate.  All mothers should have that “mama bear” instinct instilled in their being.  Don’t be afraid to stand up for your child when you feel they are being treated unfairly.  That is our job as a mom.  Clear the path for them.  Take on the world.  That way, when it is their time to leave the den, they will go out into the world and be awesome in everything they do.  It is ok to be a “mama bear”.  Nobody else is going to stick up for your child.  As a child they don’t have a voice, you are their voice.  They depend on you, just like a baby cub relies on their mama bear.

So don’t be ashamed if you are a Mama Bear that protects her young.  I am not ashamed.  I love my kids more than life itself.  I would lay down my life for any one of my children.  Nobody is gonna mess with this mama bears cub, without finding my paw in their face.  I am proud to be the Mama Bear of three amazing little cubs.






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