Tumbleweed Message


I believe everyone has the desire to feel wanted by someone.  It is human nature to crave one’s attention.  When that desire is not fulfilled, then the feeling that you are not good enough starts to overwhelm you, and insecurities start to set in.   I also believe that even if the person feels wanted, they at the very least want to be heard.  Not that what they say will impact the very existence of humanity as we know it; but the feeling that someone….anyone cares enough for you to just hear what you have to say.  It would give me chills to just think that someone is just leaning on my every word, and they want to hear my every thought.  That they wake up in the morning and want to know how I slept and can’t wait till the end of the day to ask me how my day was, would be most the most exhilarating feeling.  I do feel wanted in most areas of my life.  My kids need me and they make my life worth living. My children complete me in so many ways.  Without them I am not sure how I would make it some days.   Even though that should be enough to make someone feel that their life is priceless, I guess I expect more out of life.  Even though I do tell myself daily that my value does not decrease based on someone’s inability to see my worth, that desire to say what is on my heart still lies inside me.

I started this blog this year for the main reason of getting my voice heard.  I feel I have so much to say and the one person I desire to hear it the most, does not even really see me. So here I am, out here saying what is on my heart and on my mind, for anyone to just hear it.  I guess you can say I am tying a letter to a tumbleweed and letting it blow in the wind, just so someone can find it and hear what is on my heart. So if you happen to find a tumbleweed with a letter tied securely to it, open it up and know that someone is on the other side in anticipation that their words are being heard. I pray that anyone who hears my words will be touched by what I have to say.  So as I send this message out into the void, I want to say good day and God Bless.





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