A New Year – 2017


Just a few more days and 2016 will come to a close.  We will open the door 2017 with welcoming arms, hoping that great things are just on the other side. But in reality we are the only ones that hold the fate of the New Year.  In our hands, we have the ability to make it an incredible year.  Or we also have the option to have horrible year.  Of course, things happen we have no control of.  But on the other hand, we have complete control how we deal with those obstacles when they do strike.  We have the ability to make new choices in our life.  Or we have the ability to take a new path and take on new adventures.  Some of us will seize the opportunity for an adventurous, wonderful year; and some of us will sit idly by and let those opportunities pass us on by.  I have decided this year to choose joy, happiness, and adventure.  I am choosing to enjoy the ride.  If I don’t enjoy the scenery, I am going to choose a different path, even if it scares me to the core.  I choose happiness. I choose joy.  I choose to enjoy the ride.  I don’t usually make New Year’s resolutions.  But this a resolution that I have no desire to break.  I am going to focus on me this year.  So bring it on 2017, I feel it will be a great new beginning to a happy life.  So here is to My happy life – TAKE TWO!


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